St. Luke's offers ministries to folks within our building and to the larger community.

*Worship on Sunday mornings is at 10:00 AM, followed by a coffee hour that promotes close connections with all who come to our doors.

*New member classes offer the opportunity for learning about becoming servants to one another in the Name of Christ and how that is lived out in becoming a member of St. Luke's.

*Education is offered for our young people under the guidance of Pastor Joe Limmo who teaches Sunday School and works in building up the young people's ministry.

*Bible Study and gathering for prayer is enjoyed on Wednesday mornings from 11:00 - noon led by Pasor Elizabeth Jones. (Summber break from July to Labor Day, resume 2nd week of Setember)

*Our "Good Shepherd Program" includes weekly contributions to fund our outreach to those in our community who are hurting and in need. We are known as the "Church at the Crossroads" and often help people who have little hope find relief and reassurance.

*We pray for and contribute to local and international missions that help to serve people around the world. Recognizing that God is everywhere present, we hope to help others recognize His presence and discover means by which a relationship can be forged.

*St. Luke's offers counseling to those preparing for Baptism, those about to be married, those preparing for First Communion and Confirmation, those in crisis, and those who face faith challenges.

*Our ministry through music provides the opportunity to become part of our St. Luke's Choir, with rehearsals on Sunday mornings before worship.

*Our work with local municipal organizations such as food pantries, housing placement agencies, emergency care, and community services helps provide long-term solutions to persons with limited options.